26 September 2010

A collection of great shooters coming out in 2010 / 2011

2010 and 2011 look to have a lot of great shooters coming out. Some here to challenge Call of Duty's gigantic market share, and even an actual new COD title, here's a few picks of some of the great games coming out soon.

Call of Duty Black Ops

Set to be released at the end of 2010, COD Black Ops is the sequel of the extremely popular Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. The first trailer released shows off the multiplayer mode which made its predecessor what it is now.

Gears of War 3

The Gears of War series is one of the game franchises that gave gave the Xbox 360 the lead it has now. The third installment in the series promises new content, as well as some... "political correctness".

Crysis 2

The original Crysis, a PC exclusive title, impressed everyone with its jaw-dropping graphics, and even now, 3 years later, is still the best looking game there is. Its successor has had to overcome some serious technical hurdles in order to become a multi-platform title. Coming out in 2011 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.


Coming from id Software, the makers of the Doom and Quake series, the grandfathers of first person shooters, is a new game with a new perspective. Rage attempts to combine shooting and driving games into one great game, and will undoubtedly be loads of fun. Keep a lookout for this title, coming out in 2011.

Medal of Hono(u)r

A challenger to Modern Warfare 2's huge market share, MOH is developed by the same guys that brought us the Battlefield series, which were a huge success on the PC. The multiplayer is currently in open beta, and the full game is going to be released in late 2010.


  1. nice post man. love the trailers. this will be a god year for shooters

  2. Looks great! hope crysis 2 will be as good as the first one

  3. blahh i want all these games....Fuck i need a job

  4. rage will be awesome. i hope. :<

  5. Gears of war will be badass, but I hope they do more with the story than in the previous games.
    Nice collection of trailers.

  6. I'm very anxious to play the new CoD

  7. I'm looking forward to Black Ops and Gears 3. Crysis 2 looks rather interesting as well.