29 September 2010

The Decline of Video Game Quality

The games industry seems to have started following in the footsteps of the films industry - it's constantly releasing new titles that appeal to the "mass audience". In other words, most of the new games coming out are dumbed-down and simply aren't very compelling.

It used to be that developers would make games that took some thought. Whether this means they had interesting stories or complex gameplay, but these days it seems only gore-filled shooters sell.

With the huge increase in people who are new to this hobby trying it out for the first time in recent years, it only makes sense that there would be games that appeal to those who aren't familiar with games, but it seems that now publishers aren't interested in releasing interesting games - only sequels and watered-down shooters.

When you look at the popular titles coming out they're either clones of other popular games, like Medal of Hono(u)r, or sequels of the said popular games, like CoD Black Ops. Worse yet are the "reboots", like Wolfenstein and, again, MoH.

So please developers and publishers, please try releasing an actually interesting game. We're drowning in this wave of mediocrity. Both experienced gamers and new gamers alike need something challenging and thought-provoking to play.


  1. Kind of agree with you. We do need some better games.

  2. these casual games are introducing new people to gaming but yea we need some more complex games ffs

  3. I agree with you. What pissed me off was the newest Final Fantasy. BOOOORRRRING. SO disappointed...